Bookkeeping Services

Outsourcing bookkeeping is becoming standard among small and medium level businesses, both for their efficient
approach and as a cost-effective alternative to keeping and maintaining in-house accounting and admin staff.
These professional accounting firms use various methods to cater to their client’s unique needs. Some of the most common
practices used by accounting firms providing bookkeeping services in Brighton are:
Providing online applications- Both the company and the firm providing accounting solutions use single online accounting
software to upload and update the financial books for business transactions. This software is famous for the

the convenience offers to the customers in accessing and updating their financial accounts over the internet from anywhere in
the world. We use mainly Xero, Quickbooks (QBO), Kashflow, and Free Agent. We can adapt our service to any software
you are familiar with.
Server-based methods- This involves uploading and updating accounting books over a secure FTP server by the company
and accounting firm. An advantage of this system over other procedures is that it requires the firm to keep a backup copy of the company’s account books which can be used later for data recovery or verification purposes.
Remote access method- Users need to upload their documents on their computers which are accessed by the accountants
in Brighton using remote desktop access methods like secure VPN to update them.
Customers can choose any one of the above procedures for their outsourcing needs according to their individual

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