What does an accountant usually do?

Company set up or incorporation
Provides registered ofce of the company

Monthly payroll including pay slips, pension contributions, RTI/CIS lings
Payroll Year End including Expense Benets P11d & P11d(b)
Book Keeping
Bank Reconciliations
CT600 for HMRC – This is the company tax return
Full set of Accounts to HMRC in Ixbrl format
Abbreviated Balance Sheet to Companies House
Annual Return/Conrmation statement to Companies House
Dividends Vouchers and assistance in calculating the amount
Personal Tax Returns to HMRC
General advice on tax, accounting and nancial matters
Registering and preparing & submitting VAT returns (usually 4 per year)
Initial registration with HMRC and Companies House, HMRC online registration
Anti money laundering checks

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